Willpower For Wade

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Willpower for Wade

This site is dedicated to Sergeant First Class Wade Mitcheltree for his Army service to the great United States of America.  During his third tour of duty, in August of 2012, Wade was critically wounded while on foot patrol in Afghanistan.  He is currently under medical care here in the USA.  His recovery will be a multi-year endeavor.

Here you will find options to support Wade's road to recovery, with words of encourgagement, donations to the Willpower For Wade Fund, or purchase of a special T-shirt that supports the Fund. 
Proceeds will be used to establish a trust fund for Wade.

               Photos -        Look at all of the folks showing off their support in their new
                                     Willpower For Wade Tshirts, or participating in a fundraiser.

               Updates-        Monitor Wade's progress, videos and photos included.

              Wade, wife Katie, and their boys                          Donations -    Make a donation of any amount to the fund and take a peek at
                                      2010                                                                          other efforts set up to support Wade.  We hope this serves to
                                                                                                                        inspire you or your organization with ideas on how to help.

                                                                                                Fundraisers-  Find out what new event is being planned to support Wade.

                                                                                                Guestbook -   You can leave a comment for Wade, a simple hello, a few 
                                                                                                                         encouraging words. Let Wade know you support his road to  
                                                                                                                         recovery and express your gratitude for his military service.

                         Questions concerning the website or fund may be directed to:  Denise Mitcheltree (sister) at denise@kcnet.org